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    Answer the following questions by selecting Yes or No and get personal explanation with your score.

    1. Do you have photos of your new cars in stock? YesNo

    2. Do you have more than 20 image per car you are offering? YesNo

    3. Do you use photo editing to enhance the images of your cars? YesNo

    4. Does every car you offer have a unique description? YesNo

    5. Is all data on your cars in stock complete? YesNo

    6. Do you have videos on your cars in stock? (Slideshows don’t count!) YesNo

    7. Is your website responsive (smartphone-proof)? YesNo

    8. Do you have 3rd party customer reviews about you and your dealership on your website? YesNo

    9. Do you have videos with DIY and maintenance tips? YesNo

    10. Do you have images and contact data of your staff on your site? YesNo

    11. Do you have a LinkedIn account for your dealership and is your staff on it too? YesNo

    12. Do you post messages on facebook and Twitter daily? YesNo

    13. Do you have a Pinterest and Instagram account? YesNo

    14. Do you keep a (weekly) blog? YesNo

    15. Do you help people with free information? YesNo

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