The words corona and covid19 are consistently ringing in our ears. The world seems to be at a standstill, but everyday life is still on the move. There is no snooze- or pause button for life in general but nevertheless, we all seem to have dosed off is some sort of hibernation. Ordered to do so, but are we really? Is this not the right time to start working on your online inventory presentation?! And carefully, with an almost unlimited amount of time, check its contents as well as its form and function. Why?! Because everyone is ordered to stay indoors! Everyone has plenty of time and are most likely bored silly! Meaning: people have more time and reason than ever to check out your website or cars and offerings and compare it to that of you competitors. So start your engines and get to work!

Moreover, this pandemic will come to pass, which is why now is the right time to make your online inventory as handsomely attractive as possible. By doing this now, you enable people to find your cars, make a mental note on them and pursue further action later on, or better yet, buy it straightaway! The key to a swift sale is, indeed, the most attractive online presentation of your cars for the most attractive price. We are all shook up by what is happening right now, but, while following the government’s directives to #staysafe, people still need cars. And we are luckily not on lockdown yet. Making it easier and thus way more likely for Jack and Susan, to visit your showroom and buy their perfect car, if not now then definitely later.

The right car stand out from the rest due to its impeccable online presentation combined with the best value for money. You can even increase that value by taking and posting many stunning but clear pictures of the car. Highlight the unique features of the car and put them towards the front in your picture series of each car. Do yourself a favour and do not photograph the rear lights but rather make sure that there are no other automobiles or sloppy bins in the background. Pay special attention to the available light. Especially when shooting the interior. Shooting it in the shade will get you the best results. You can shoot the outside in the blazing sun, which will make the colour stand out to its highest potential. But above all: treat your car as if it has covid19: keep your distance and use the zoom function.

When shooting in a studio, try out the different lighting settings on your camera or phone. Sadly enough, the pictures taken of the interior of the car appear to be too dark on the screen, and details will get overlooked. It is almost some sort of a relief for customers to be able to see everything clearly on the interior pictures, so be a good host and provide this for them. Show them how they will be seated. Last but definitely not least: be mindful and perfectionistic about your vehicle description: list the car’s special features, its history, its previous owner… show them your knowledge and your care for customers, as it creates more trust. And trust sells cars.

While social distance is mandatory, people’s focus is now pointed at your website and online communication. Feel free to contact me for advice or assistance in optimising your online car presentation, DM me @elmarkonline or send me a mail: