Video on Demand

This is a relatively new trend in the car buying process. When a prospect has shown interest in one of your cars and want to know more about it, video on demand is a great way to demonstrate that car which the prospect can check in his own time. The only thing you need is his email address or Twitter handle, if he doesn’t mind it will be public.

Video on demand is little more than a walkaround on request. The customer asks for info on a car by phone, mail or even social media. You shoot a video of the car in question and inform the customer why this is the right car for him or her, along with all other important info like service history, new parts, etc. It’s very important to mention the name of the customer. People will be more alert when you address them personally.

When the video is finished, check it and send it to the customer. Don’t forget to follow up the next day by phone, and ask for the customer’s reaction on the video and car and ask to schedule a testdrive for him.

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Take a camera and film walking around the car while telling people about it.

Film maintenance

Show your customer what maintenance is required and why. With this you build trust.

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