Why is social media so important to your dealership?

These days everyone is on social media. Most dealerships get this and have a Facebook and Twitter account.

But then come the hard parts:

  • What content should I add or share in order to sell more cars or get new clients?
  • Where do I find the time to do this?

Elmark-Online can help you with both issues! Contact us!

You use social media to talk with your customers and prospects. You do this by asking questions, but also answering them, add to other ongoing conversations and by sharing all kinds of DIY tips and tricks with your fans and followers. Show interest and the willingness to help people whenever possible. By sharing and caring, you will build a willful audience, who feels personally connected with your dealership. They will visit you first, because they already know you can be trusted.

Social media is the channel where people influence and recommend. It’s the new word-of-mouth marketing. 93% of consumers are influenced in their buying behavior on Social Media. And to get maximum result from your facebook and twitter efforts, you have to post something every day, preferably with a call to action, so you will get more people to visit your site and more shares of your content in their circles.

Sure you can post and promote your stock of new and used cars, but don’t it too often. It will get you little interaction and people do not use social media to look for a new car. And showing proudly you sold a 2003 Toyota to Mrs Jones is only a good idea when you can tag her personally in it, so her friends on Facebook will see it too, and preferably with a huge recommendation from Mrs Jones for your dealership.

Nod help expending your network of fans and followers on Social Media. Please contact Elmark-Online for a free 30 minute consult on Skype.

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