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This is how people often describe SEO (Search Engine Optimization). How do you make sure your website is build and maintained to the standards Google requires for it to be ranked #1? This question remains the same, the answer varies from time to time. With 200 ranking factors and periodically changing algorithms, SEO experts like DealerOn’s Greg Gifford, advise you to put 1 fulltime FTE on it to get the best possible results. That’s not to say you will not achieve anything if you put only an x amount of hours in SEO on a regular basis.

An absolute must is a responsive website. Google did the “Mobile” update on April 21st 2015. It was suggested that non-responsive websites would be penalized, but there is no clear evidence this is happening. However, the general public demands a mobile-friendly site these days. There are more people online via smartphones and tablets compared to PCs and laptops. And the balance is shifting towards the latter.

Google’s algorythms are getting ever more complex and will resemble human experience more and more. The software is thus programmed that it will favor personal and relevant content and referrals from big independent websites.

Obviously you have to give your website a specific structure for it to be indexed easily. When building and structuring your site, always use the perspective of a visitor, not what you think is good for Google. Even when you have implemented all useful SEO techniques, when people don’t like your site, they will not interact with it (or you). A very useful tip: make sure your vehicle detail pages are ‘real’ pages, not framed content from a third-party data provider

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