People are very visually triggered. If you want to stand out with in the search results pages (SRPs) on autotrader or, the thumbnails of your first photo really needs to stand out between all the others. To put the price over the thumbnail doesn’t work. What helps is to display specific car detials on an ovelay. Make sure the overlay doesn’t attract all the attention from the car, but adds that little bit to invite the consumer to check the VDP of it. 

Always check the end result before uploading, it’s a waist if parts of the car are obscured by text on the overlay. 

Wil jij ook sneller je auto’s verkopen met de best mogelijke foto's?


Sometimes photo editing misses the mark: where is her left arm?

Ford Fiesta 1.25 Trend - voor
Ford Fiesta 1.25 Trend - Na

Make sure the cars is lit well and use a neutral background. Unsharp or shaken pictures are the worst you can do. With those, you are sure to disappoint potential customer. The only 2 options to stand out on portals like autotrader and are your photos and text, especially the title.

What will get you ahead on your competition is photo editing.

These days professional photographers don’t publish anything without editing. Take a good look at a car brochure or even a car magazine. Editiing really has a purpose, making the car look more attractive!

The aim is to seduce your potential customer with beautiful photos, so he or she builds an emotional connections with the car and wants to check it in real life.

Almost all photos you see on the internet, brochures and magazine: they are all edited, because better pictures sell more cars!

Met een paar aanpassingen kunnen saaie afbeeldingen veranderen in interessante foto’s, waarop je auto’s beter tot hun recht komen. Het is uiteraard niet de bedoeling om met nabewerking schades en andere onvolkomenheden weg te werken, maar de auto’s beter te laten uitkomen dan dat ze zijn. Nabewerking zit standaard bij de fotografie van Elmark-Online.

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