More important than your showroom

Your website is your #1 option to reach new and existing customers. It is by far your most important marketing tool. Your target audience must feel welcome on your site and establish a certain level of trust in your dealership. That’s why a good first impression online is oh so important. Did you ever buy a product or service from a website, which you found not pleasant to look at and, even worse, was difficult to navigate? I am 100% you didn’t and got it somewhere else. The average consumer thinks exactly the same way about your website when it’s not 100% perfect.

You have your act together when your website is responsive and you know why a consumer visits it. The most important reason is the check out a car you’re selling. Servicing is #2, and 3rd is information about your dealership.

Sell more cars with online content marketing!

Car photography


Photos = Emotions!

Texts & SEO


Relevant info = higher in Google!

Social Media


Talk to your customers!

So you must provide all possible information a customer could be looking for on his quest to purchase his next car. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new or used car or someone who is looking for a new service address. Show prices, hourly rates and how much an oil change or a yearly service is. Today’s consumer wants to know everything before he gets in his car to drive up to your dealership.

Hospitality is something you can convey online too! So make sure your site is visually attractive, with good photos, not too much at first and videos about you, your dealership and what makes you unique to your competitors. Show your staff too, preferably with their names and contact details. Transparency creates a good and trustworthy first impression and half of the battle is already won (of not more)

The more people trust you and your company, the more cars you will sell and the more profit you’ll make. Please select one (or more) items on this page Elmark-Online can help you to gain more of that oh so important consumer trust.

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