My story

Elmark-Online is Elmer Kruys. With a 15 year track record in Online Marketing and a lifelong passion for cars I am perfectly suited to help dealerships with their online marketing issues.

During my pre-entrepreneur years I worked for an online advertising agency, a SEM agency and an online price comparison site. I learned all aspects of online marketing, the importance of good websites and content and worked with big budgets. There are still many opportunities for the car industry to gain more turnover and profits with smart and effective online marketing without having to break the bank.

The car-bug bit me very early in life: the first word I pronounced properly was “car”. When I was 3 I knew all car brands from the top of my head and my preference for used car came from my dad. From an early age he taught me the principle of depreciation (throwing money away) and he was the only in our street driving a 6-cylinder for the price of a small 4-cylinder. I felt tremendous pride.

On that basis I was able to own a 12-cylinder for a while, but the entrepreneur in me is stronger so I have become more careful with investments. Still it’s my goal to offer used cars as new cars and give the future owners the same feeling I used to have and still have actually when I get in my car (even if it’s just a 6-cylinder now)

My vision is connectivity will penetrate our lives even more than it’s doing already. Internet will play a bigger role when it comes to car buying, new or used. Your next car will be delivered at your doorstep and your old car will be taken away by someone from the dealership. All actions preceding it, will be dealt with online.

My mission is to help you, dealerships, with the transition from offline to online and serve your customers in a way which exceeds their expectations. The car business is doing OK, but the power has shifted from the dealerships to the consumers, with the needed information at his or her fingertips. Today’s customer is well informed, knows where they can get the best deals and services and will only be loyal to you when they feel validated and trusted.

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Car guy

That I am a car guy, was clear from a very early age. The first word I pronounced properly was “car” and when I was 3 I knew all car brands from the top of my head.


There are simply too many sources of information about developments in marketing and automotive which make Elmark-Online what it is, but DealerOn’s weekly webinar is a must.

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