To keep up with all developments in automotive marketing land, I check out – roughly since 1.5 years – the US based weekly webinar. Dealeron is a company which provides websites and other online solutions for dealerships and their mantra is that knowledge must be shared. That’s why they have a weekly webinar in which experts on various disciplines share their knowledge, tips and tricks, not so much on promoting their own products.

The one I checked out one particular Thursday was an exceptional good one. The experts were Peter Leto from Google Automotive and Phil Sura of UnityWorksMedia, a company which offer online video advertising solutions. They talked about the neccesaty of video en Youtube in the car buying process. Of course the info the shared will not harm their business, but statistics don’t lie. And what I saw was pretty astounding.

Was the percentage of people watching video content just 3% in 2010, last year (2014) it was already 64%. 54% of all people even watched for more than 30 minutes in 1 go. Video comsumption goes up every single year with 50%. Last year Youtube took over first place from OEM and manufacturers websites in most visited by people in the process of buying a car. In 2013 Youtube was 3rd.

Everybody likes to watch videos, it’s not just for millennials. Younger people watch relatively more video, but compared to the car actually bought, you see the same pattern.

Video is especially popular with consumers looking for a luxury or hybrid cars. Also, video is more popular on higher priced cars.

So, what do car buyers want to see? 36% of respondents went for the test drive. They want to see and hear how a car drives. 29% wants to have optional equipment and features explained and 26% wants to have a demonstration of car inside and out, in other words: the walkaround.

During the webinar a poll question was put to the attending audience to get an idea how video is being used by dealerships. It turns out be used mostly for promoting New and Used cars, less for maintenance and to the question if DIY tips were recorded on video, 40% answered they didn’t and another 40% hadn’t even thought of it.

Google research also showed maintenance and DIY videos are putting people into action. 25% checked more info, 34% went out and bought parts and 37% bought parts online. Now you see the importance of a webshop when you sell parts.

BavarianAuto heeft uitstekend Doe-het-zelf video. Met zorg gemaakt en helder qua inhoud.

BavarianAuto has excellent DIY videos. Made with care and clear on content.

34% watched explanation video on parts, 29% checked out customer reviews en 49% of the people watched DIY videos. As a dealership you might think: why put all my knowledge down on video and share it with my customers without earning a single dime for it? The answer is very simple: video creates trust! Only a fraction of your customers will actually go out and fix issues themselves. The majority wants to see what maintenance and repairs are all about, so they have a better understanding how their money is being spend should repairs being necessary on their own cars.

So it goes to show video can really help you gain trust from consumers and generate more business from them. Want to know more about the use of video? Contact me!