Wanna make more money? Date your customers online!

In other words, work on a relationship with your customers. Try to seduce your customers, so they will only be interested in your dealership and your website. How do you do that? It’s quite simple: view your website through the eyes of the customer. That’s easier said than done. Especially when business has been kind to your dealership in recent years. But, a big change is happening. Technology and online developments are speeding up exponentially and consumers are embracing new online technologies faster and faster. They expect companies they do business to adapt as well and that means you too.

The Elmark-Online 6-Step plan can help you see your site through the eyes of the customer:

  1. Your stock is being found on sites like cars.com and autotrader.com. So we will seduce the customer with an outstanding first photo.
  2. On the VDP you really can entice the customer with video and informative texts on what not can be seen on photos.
  3. When the customer visits your own website, does he or she get to see the right trust signals?
  4. Video is one of those, very important, trust signals
  5. After that, the customer will most likely investigate you and your dealership on social media. Is the trust level already high enough to grant your dealership the customer’s business.
  6. When we have found the right formula for all the Noded trust signals, we will implement, test and optimize these by way of data analysis.

Today’s customer has all the information on car buying at his fingertips. When make and model are selected, the customer will select at which dealership the car will be bought. The one with the right online presence and presentation will win the consumer’s heart. Do you have the X-factor customers are looking for?

Elmark-Online helps you to create, optimize and promote your X-factor, so the customer knows and trusts you and your dealership and will gladly do business with you for years to come. Want to know more? Contact me for a free 30 minute Skype consult.

Sell more cars with online content marketing!

Wanna know your score on online trustworthiness?

Exclusivity guaranteed!

Content marketing is not something that can be automated. Content marketing is personal, you have to evoke the right emotion from your website visitors, so they will get interested in your dealership and will want to learn more.

Conversion is everything!

All this marketing talk may be nice, but in the end cars need to be sold. You want to be rewarded with a sell and the customer’s business for all effort you have put in the relationship with him or her.

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